Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Do.

Every once in a while I get in a rut about doing things revolving around the wedding.  It's not that it's not important, it's just that there are tomatoes, red on the vine for canning and greenbeans that also need canning.  This week?  ELDERBERRIES!  Last year I picked so many and I swore I was going to go easy this year.  Right, good luck with that.  They are so gorgeous and big on the shrubs, making the branches droop with their weight.  And then there's the fact that I ate every last bit of the jam I made last year.  I've been directed I must make more (you know who you are) this year so for three hours the other night I sat in front of the TV, a stock pot between my feet, partially bent over with a fork, combing the umbels of elderberries, quite sure I wouldn't finish them all, and I didn't.  So what's in store for tonight but mooooore elderberries.  After the showing.

That's another amazing thing.  After many weeks of no showings, suddenly I'm having one a week.  Quite the incentive to keep my place clean.  Which is good, except when I'm doing things like cleaning elderberries.  They stain quite well, and no doubt some will be used on my wool (v. pretty purple) which is exciting, and what do I see around the corner but the goldenrod starting to bloom!  Ack!  That's the other thing I swore I'd do more of is dye some wool with goldenrod.  It's such a lovely shade of yellow and so easy to get lots of flowers!  *SIGH*  This is why it's a three month dash.  Not because of all the stuff I have to do to get ready to get out of here....but because of all the stuff I love to do that I can't seem to put away.  The seasons command me to do what needs doing at the moment they give me these things; elderberries, goldenrod, tomatoes and greenbeans.  I can't not do something with these wonderful gifts, it seems such a waste to refuse them.  But I think I also need to understand that the goldenrod doesn't only bloom for a week.  It blooms nearly up to frost.  It will be around for a while.

Pace yourself Patty, or by November 20th you'll barely be able to walk down the aisle under the weight of your 'to do' list.

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