Thursday, August 26, 2010


I don't know why time works the way it does with me but it seems like most months are a mixture of fast forward, even faster forward and slower than molasses.  It's amazing that August in pretty much over.  September and October are coming on fast and good Lord I have to get more stuff done.  Should I be packing?  I should be packing!!!!  I should be looking for boxes and figuring out what to get rid of and how the hell it's all going to get out there.  Wow, sorry, mini panic attack.

Well this weekend is looking promising.  There's been a lull in veggies to harvest and not much to can because of it.  I think my next venture in making stuff will be to keep working on my weaving/spinning and I may go out here pretty soon and gather Autumn Olive berries to make jam.  Supposedly it's pretty yummy and it's definitely plentiful out here.

Off with my basket!

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