Thursday, September 23, 2010

Father Freak-out

Over the last 2 weeks I have been trying to get a hold of the priest who will be marrying us.  Today he finally called back and before I had hardly gotten a word out he started berating me, nearly yelling about how important it was for us to get all this this and this done and the priest we were counseling with should get us a packet and yaddah on and on and "this isn't like a hair appointment, it's MARRIAGE!".  Will I go to hell for telling a priest to fuck off?  Because that's exactly what I wanted to do.  Priest or no he had no right to talk to me the way he did.  I kept trying to explain that the priest who counseled us said there were no issues that we were ready and just had a few more forms to complete.  So who was right?  We are only doing what we're told.  So to be yelled at for not doing things we were supposed to be doing that we didn't know we were supposed to be doing?  Fuck that.

I gave the priest the phone number of the priest who we counseled with and he said he'd call him and let me know what happend.  Great you go do that.

Second phone call with the priest who's marrying us:  "oh everything is fiiine, it's all squared away, I talked with father and monsignor...." and this and that and the other thing and then what I had hoped to hear  "i'm very sorry if I got a little shrieky with you earlier, I was worried and this is important" etc. etc.  I didn't actually take the call.  I had a feeling that I shouldn't talk to him yet, too angry and upset, and that he would rather leave a message anyway, it facilitates apologies. 

So, it's all good again but that was definitely the 3rd bad thing this week.....a pretty bad week.  Maybe next week the planets will all align in my favor instead.

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