Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goldenrod Woes

Alright so yes, I'm addicted to fiber.  Not the kind you eat, the kind you spin in to yarn, dye, knit etc.  Right now the goldenrod is blooming and I am trying desperately not to pick it.  Why?  Goldenrod gives some of the most beautiful shades of yellow you've ever seen whe you use it to dye wool!!!!

I'm leaving on a road trip tomorrow and I'll be back Wednesday night.  Will the goldenrod still be blooming?  Yes!  Will my mind reconcile itself to that fact?  No!  Ugh.  Brain cramp.  Fighting your impulses is hard work.  Why don't they ever teach you that growing up?  There should be a course on it in school.  Call it...."think logically not impulsively".  Now THAT would be a worthwhile class.....better than calculus anyway.

So tonight is cleaning, packing, getting geared up fot the drive.  When you know you don't have much time left in a place you tend to do things you've put off.  I went to the lake a few weeks ago.  I visited the grave of the guy I dated who was shot by his father.  That was emotional and strange but I'm glad I did it.  Maybe that's for another post.

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