Saturday, September 25, 2010

Neck Deep in Invitations

This weekend was the big press to get the invitation items all printed out and ready to assemble; mailing date: Oct. 1st.  My Maid of Honor went with me and we spent the day apart, she cut and assembled, I printed and fiddled with the computer.  Thank goodness I've been coming down every weekend to do even more fiddling because it would have taken forever otherwise.  As it was, I drove an hour with her to use my parents nicer computer and printer, not to mention clean workspace.  By our deadline of when she needed to leave to get home, I still hadn't gotten the envelopes all printed.  I worked as hard as I could but in the panicked state I was in, it was pretty futile.  I kept messing up.

Finally, I saved what I could and we packed up and left.  The only problem?  The envelopes HAD to be printed today.  There was no other chance before Friday for me to get them done and I wanted to be home Monday to work on things at home.  So I dropped her off at her car, piled a bunch of food in to a cooler for the stay and the parents, grabbed some pj's and toiletries and turned right back around to drive the hour down to their house again.  I got in, sat down at the computer and within 10 minutes I had figured out the mail merge and was printing off the envelopes 10 minutes after that.  I DO NOT work well under pressure sometimes.  Depends what it is.  Fiddling with mail merges?  Not fun under time constraints.  But it's done.  All told there were 104 invitations.  That's 104 invites, 104 RSVP envelopes, 104 maps, 104 website domain cards, 104 RSVP cards and wow, I'm tired.

So I have to miss singing in the choir at church tomorrow.  :-(  But I'll be back in time to visit with a friend.  And then Monday night full assembly, possibly with reinforcements.  Wow, that was a lot of work, but they really look fabulous.

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