Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To Grow is a Very Big Adventure

So last night I was on the phone with G and I told him that I had been thinking lately.  Dangerous of course but necessary.  There aren't many people in this world who you can spend a few hours with, let alone the rest of your life.  I said "Being married might be tough" to which he said "Not for me!".  Hardy har har.  One thing that I love about us is our ability to laugh.  At ourselves, at each other and with him always cracking jokes (though he knows when things are serius bidness too) it's an enjoyable time. 

But seriously, it bares thinking about.  Spending the rest of your life with someone, one person, truly is serious stuff.  It's too bad people don't realize it.  It's not that you have to walk around with a corn-cob stuck up your arse all the time, it's just that realizing that marrying someone is serious puts you in the frame of mind to think 'Hey, I should really think about this'.  And hopefully you do. 

So I have and honestly, I can already tell the things that will annoy the crap out of me and he can already tell the ways I will annoy the crap out of him.  This to me, is a great start.  Nothing like getting involved with someone with only moonlight and stars in your eyes only to find out you don't know them, all of them.  The good the bad the ugly.  We all have it!

Is this growing up?  I think so.  I started it a long time ago but 'up' implies an end.  I beg to differ.  This is growing.....period.  That's something I hope I never stop doing.

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