Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Married life.....

Well the wedding went off with hardly a hitch.  Smooth sailing!  There was so much love in that event it was downright amazing.  It made the whole thing work.  There are some people who were there whose hearts I hope are softer because of it.

So now what?  I'll just keep changing the title and url of this blog as life changes I guess.  Seems silly but I can never settle on one name that is vague yet specific enough to cover what this blog will be....a catalog and diary of sorts.  Boring I know.  The blogs with pictures are much better....well, I suppose I could put some in here just for kicks.  This is where we went for a couple nights to decompress from the wedding.

What an amazing place!  Beautiful woodwork and stained glass!

We had a lovely time and now we are husband and wife and it does feel different.  It feels better.  More secure, and knowing I will get to see him now and forever after 3 years of only seeing him once in a while is an amazing feeling.  I suppose most people would roll their eyes at this but hey, I understand, now also the hard work begins.  We'll handle it.  I've always enjoyed a challenge and sharing a life with someone, that's one helluva challenge alright.

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