Thursday, August 26, 2010


I don't know why time works the way it does with me but it seems like most months are a mixture of fast forward, even faster forward and slower than molasses.  It's amazing that August in pretty much over.  September and October are coming on fast and good Lord I have to get more stuff done.  Should I be packing?  I should be packing!!!!  I should be looking for boxes and figuring out what to get rid of and how the hell it's all going to get out there.  Wow, sorry, mini panic attack.

Well this weekend is looking promising.  There's been a lull in veggies to harvest and not much to can because of it.  I think my next venture in making stuff will be to keep working on my weaving/spinning and I may go out here pretty soon and gather Autumn Olive berries to make jam.  Supposedly it's pretty yummy and it's definitely plentiful out here.

Off with my basket!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Weekend

So every once in a while I designate a weekend as a "Wedding Weekend" in which I go to town, working on wedding stuff either on my own or with my maid of honor.  There have been a lot fewer of those lately.  That's good actually, it means we've gotten a lot done.  To date: favors, vases, rice, design for invitations, dress is figured out though not done, shoes, registry is online, ink cartridges are ordered, I've gotten info for the rehearsal, the date is set (I'd hope so!), the church is set, my beautiful hand knit stole is done........A lot has been accomplished!

Still to do: reserve table cloths, print out and mail invitations (Oct. 1st deadline), buy Unity candle and scroll guestbook, lose 20 lbs (oh wait that's impossible in 3 months)....I know there's more but I can't think right now. This: has helped me think.  This site has a checklist and has helped quite a bit.  Meh now I'm rambling.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Chihuly and a flower border at Meijer Gardens
It dawns on me often that this blog might be a bit more interesting with pictures in it.  Who wants to read words on a screen?  So here's a picture, just to try it out since I've not done it before and see how it looks.  Wow that was easy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Do.

Every once in a while I get in a rut about doing things revolving around the wedding.  It's not that it's not important, it's just that there are tomatoes, red on the vine for canning and greenbeans that also need canning.  This week?  ELDERBERRIES!  Last year I picked so many and I swore I was going to go easy this year.  Right, good luck with that.  They are so gorgeous and big on the shrubs, making the branches droop with their weight.  And then there's the fact that I ate every last bit of the jam I made last year.  I've been directed I must make more (you know who you are) this year so for three hours the other night I sat in front of the TV, a stock pot between my feet, partially bent over with a fork, combing the umbels of elderberries, quite sure I wouldn't finish them all, and I didn't.  So what's in store for tonight but mooooore elderberries.  After the showing.

That's another amazing thing.  After many weeks of no showings, suddenly I'm having one a week.  Quite the incentive to keep my place clean.  Which is good, except when I'm doing things like cleaning elderberries.  They stain quite well, and no doubt some will be used on my wool (v. pretty purple) which is exciting, and what do I see around the corner but the goldenrod starting to bloom!  Ack!  That's the other thing I swore I'd do more of is dye some wool with goldenrod.  It's such a lovely shade of yellow and so easy to get lots of flowers!  *SIGH*  This is why it's a three month dash.  Not because of all the stuff I have to do to get ready to get out of here....but because of all the stuff I love to do that I can't seem to put away.  The seasons command me to do what needs doing at the moment they give me these things; elderberries, goldenrod, tomatoes and greenbeans.  I can't not do something with these wonderful gifts, it seems such a waste to refuse them.  But I think I also need to understand that the goldenrod doesn't only bloom for a week.  It blooms nearly up to frost.  It will be around for a while.

Pace yourself Patty, or by November 20th you'll barely be able to walk down the aisle under the weight of your 'to do' list.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Surprise Shower

Last night I went to my knitting group as usual but didn't knit a stitch.  I walked in and was completely surprised by a well-planned wedding shower.  I really couldn't believe it.  It was so above and beyond what I expected.  Those women are awesome.  It just goes to show what a little sign on a board in a Starbucks can bring.  I am very happy that I helped bring all these lovely ladies together.  I've made friends, they've made friends.....I think I'm still a bit stunned by how much of a success it was.  I remember being so nervous the first night I went.  Mom came along with me and we sat there, one lady showed up, it was Wendy.  The next time or two Lanette showed and for a while we three got to know each other.  Then Lesley and so on and on. 

Luckily Wendy took charge of advertising because I just didn't have time to do it.  She put our SNK in the paper, gathered everyones emails and made sure the lines of communication were open.  I may have started the group but Wendy made it what it was today.  Without her, it wouldn't have been nearly as succesful.  Thanks to Wendy.

There is just something inherently calming about sitting in a group of women working on a similar craft, having similar stories and worries, getting to know one another.  Every single one of them brings something different to the group.  I've had my nights where I was disappointed in the conversation or hormonal and cranky but if making friends was all about only happy wouldn't mean nearly so much.  I will miss them all.

One of the reasons it was so shocking too is I've spent 2 1/2 years waiting to leave.  That party made me realize I really AM leaving.  Three months.  I have three months left in this place where even though I've not been perfectly happy, I've definitely made my way, I've definitely made myself at home.  Leaving will be hard, living here would be even harder.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Three Month Dash

Things are about to get crazy.  They already are crazy, no doubt, but in three months my whole world will change.......for the better of course.  In the grand scheme of things, I suppose what's happening to me happens to lots of people but there's one thing that makes my situation a bit different.  I'm not marrying in to a situation in suburbia with 2.5 children and a dog, I'm marrying in to (and gladly), the beginning of a self-sufficient farm.

Two and half years ago when George and I met, we slowly started realizing how unique we both were.  I remember the conversation that sprouted the idea of us starting a SS farm, it was playful and light.  We talked about naming our first horse after the city we met in and from there we began.  Neither one of us were sure how it was going to happen but it was something we longed to do; get off the grid, stop the 9-5 bull and live a meaningful, simple, spiritual life, void of everyone and everything telling us how we should feel, what we should buy and what would make us happy.

So here I am, about to leave a job that pays very well, a community I've grown to enjoy with people I've learned to love; all for the sake of a voice in the back of my mind that keeps telling me that there's so much more in having so much less.  I've never been one to back away from a plunge.  And here, in this journal, besides having a place to vent, I'll have a place to detail what's happened, what's happening and what I hope for the future in this venture with the man soon to be called 'husband'.  Stay tuned.