Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Married life.....

Well the wedding went off with hardly a hitch.  Smooth sailing!  There was so much love in that event it was downright amazing.  It made the whole thing work.  There are some people who were there whose hearts I hope are softer because of it.

So now what?  I'll just keep changing the title and url of this blog as life changes I guess.  Seems silly but I can never settle on one name that is vague yet specific enough to cover what this blog will be....a catalog and diary of sorts.  Boring I know.  The blogs with pictures are much better....well, I suppose I could put some in here just for kicks.  This is where we went for a couple nights to decompress from the wedding.

What an amazing place!  Beautiful woodwork and stained glass!

We had a lovely time and now we are husband and wife and it does feel different.  It feels better.  More secure, and knowing I will get to see him now and forever after 3 years of only seeing him once in a while is an amazing feeling.  I suppose most people would roll their eyes at this but hey, I understand, now also the hard work begins.  We'll handle it.  I've always enjoyed a challenge and sharing a life with someone, that's one helluva challenge alright.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I think it's time to write something

don't you?  13 days until the wedding.  Deep breath.  I know I can get through this.  I think the worst part about it is the unknown.  There will be things that come up that we'll have to deal with.  PERSPECTIVE.  One of the best things G has taught me is how to maintain perspective.  We all get blinders on some days in regards to the big picture and truly, if I can just remember a few things: 1) Not everyone will be happy at this wedding 2) Things will go wrong but is it really important if we run out of something? 3) Hopefully, everyone who comes to this wedding will love me and/or G and want us to be happy but this is also a little unrealistic, especially with cousins coming who I've not spoken to in 15 years......perhaps they have their own reasons for coming and that is just fine 4) It's only one day.

So I made reservations up in Nappanee for a couple night stay after the reception.  The dogs will be boarded.  The cat will be looked in on.  We'll have the most private room at a little B&B.  That is what I'm looking forward to the most.  Now if I can just stop gnawing on my lower lip.........deep breath.