Sunday, February 6, 2011


When DH and I were thinking and planning our wedding, we assumed once we were married that we'd be together always.....that's it, end of story.  Yet here it is, nearly 3 months after our wedding and we are still doing the long distance thing.  So many things were happening last year that we both had to remember to breathe.  Laughter is key and to keep us in stitches, when all the changes coming seemed to form a whirling apex of fear and emotion, we'd stop and yell "BIG CHANGE COMING!!!!"  Because really, that about sums it up doesn't it?

It made us laugh, it brought us back down to earth and we kept plowing ahead.  There are still big changes coming, we're in the process of shopping for land to start our first farm together, but this is just life; changes hardly ever happen the way you think they will.  It's probably to keep us all from getting too cocky.  Sometimes we're right, most times we're wrong.  Humility is under-rated and to prove it, life, God, the planets, keep throwing us for loops so we won't ever get bored. 

My kitty keeps me company
 So he's in another state and we are 630 miles apart though newly wed.  We are trying to see each other once a month.  Being 'one' with each other is something we have to work at when under the same roof......when we aren't it's like bridging a gap between two oceans.  How to cope?  Food.

Oh lovely food, you are my joy and my bain.  So it's 6:30pm and I'm fantisizing about baking.  Baking is therapy to me as is cleaning.  The problem is I have steadily gained weight over the last few years of our long distance relationship.  Right now, I'm on the South Beach Diet and anyone who knows of this diet is aware that baked goods are a big no-no.  But if I can't deal with the reason I've gained the weight, having the baked goods in my house or not makes no difference......I WILL fail on this diet.

Address the root, get to the truth; both things are so hard to do but if you don't get there in your thinking, everything you do is a facade, the reason behind everything you do is more important than what you do.  If you don't know the reason, you are not living a soulful life.  Stop striving, start listening.  Good advice.  I'll try and take it.


  1. Hi Patty,
    My husband and I started our relationship while I was living in South Georgia and he was in Missouri. We did this run for almost 2 years. We then married and he transferred to Memphis TN, while I lived in Nashville which was 4 hours apart. We lived in 2 different houses, meeting in the middle as often as we could for 3 years. And although at the time it was tough, I am sooooo glad we started our marriage this way. It taught me to not fight about the stupid stuff because I wanted to cherish every second we had together. I would do little things like send frozen meals with him for the entire week so he'd feel like he was home even though I was miles away.

    Now we are on our farm and finally living under the same roof. Even that was an adjustment for a while. Live is wonderful and we still pick and choose arguments which are few and far between because we still live as though each moment together is short.

    I hope this gives you some encouragement. Thanks for you blog, I enjoyed reading your dog treats post. I have 3 who would have loved to lick your apron!!!

    REDGATEGAL- over from MJF. Take Care

  2. Hey Red Gate Gal; that is definitely encouraging. I knew I wasn't the only one to be doing something like this so I'm glad to hear from someone who did it and is even the better for it! Thanks for the comment!