Monday, February 7, 2011

Boycotting Wal-mart

I hate to admit it but this past year I gave in to the temptation of lower prices and started shopping at Wal-mart.  Now there are many people who have no other choice but doing so.  Either there's nowhere else to buy groceries or they have a huge family and can't afford to buy enough food for them otherwise etc.  I don't look down my nose at these people.  It's tough to boycott them and here's why.

They carry a better selection of the things I love than my local small town grocery store and they carry it for way cheaper.  Big surprise?  Not really.  But here's the other thing.  I like my small town grocery and if I like it, I should be shopping there.  Also, if I plan better and only buy things I truly need rather than the things I always buy (a food rut) I really think I can do it.  But Wal-mart is sneaky aren't they?

When I shop there, I go in with not only a list of groceries but a list of other odds and ends I know I can get there and hey I might as well buy them right because here I am, in the store?  Wrong.  I find that things I could actually wait on I purchase anyway because the store is further away (the monster on the outskirts of town of course) and it's so gigantic and I dislike the experience so much that I go ahead and get everything I could possibly need from there so I don't have to come back.

$200 dollars later I walk out the door.

Wait, What?  $200?  That can't be right?  But oh baby it is right.  That's what Wal-mart banks on you bet your sweet bippy.  So I confess, I was sucked in to the vortex of low prices only to spend twice what I had planned on spending!  Now here's the alternative.

Once a week I get a few groceries at my local grocer for say $50-$60.  Anything that they don't carry I have to go to other stores like an office supply store say.  While I'm there, I only get EXACTLY WHAT I CAME IN FOR.  I will end up spending less because of it.  So there's the bait, the farce and the catch to it all.  It's not hard to see how people get sucked in to it. 

I did but I'm not anymore and you know why?  I want my local grocer to stick around.  They are nearly right across the road from me.  I know the people there, they know me I've been in so many times and if they go under because in these hard economic times one more person (me) shopped at Wal-mart instead......boy wouldn't I feel like a schizer?

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