Monday, February 28, 2011

"First it's a novelty.....

then it's a nuisance, then it's normal".  I know exactly what Wanda Schnider means.  She's talking in Mary Jane's Farm Ideabook about washing all of her family's clothes with a washboard.  Not some of them, all of them.  She actually got rid of her washing machine completely.  Wow.  This is what I have to live up to.

So if I'm going to do this farm thing, I have to get deprogrammed.  Ok so I'm not a computer BUT I am still programmed.  I am programmed to want the newest, latest thing, New & Improved!!!, I am programmed to want to do everything as efficiently as possible, Get More Accomplished!!!!, and I am programmed to get hella mad at anyone and anything that stands in the way of those goals. 

Take this for instance: 

This glass washboard pretty much guarantees that I won't get laundry done as fast as with a machine but you know what?  Is speed as important as a) how clean things get b) a job well done c) less wear and tear on your clothes so they last longer d) an intimate relationship with your clothes.

Yup, you read that last one right.  I believe you can have an intimate relationship with your clothes.  I think once you get past the nuisance, all the other benefits of doing something as mundane as laundry by hand like this turn in to an event.  You develop a relationship with your clothes.  You notice the wear spots, the stains that need to be worked on.  All for a good cause.  Nice, clean, long-lasting clothes.  Not sure that can be beat honestly.

Ok next up...what about this:
Good 'ol fashioned coffee grinder/mill.  Now that's also tough.  I, like everyone, have a morning routine.  And that routine must include coffee.  No exceptions!  So, going from hitting a button...ZZZZZZZZZIIIIPP! and having fresh ground coffee to whir, whir, whir, whir, whir and 4 whole minutes FINALLY having fresh ground coffee.....Wait......Four minutes?  As in.....4?  Seriously?  *Sigh*  Yup.  Programmed.

But I have a confession to make.  I have been using a grinder much like this one for almost a year now.  So all those reactions up above were exactly what happened.  Not to mention that I'm in the nuisance phase at the moment, so when I read what Wanda said up top, I thought, you know, deprogramming truly is possible.  Even if you can't reach inside and rearrange your neurons to do so, as I've figured out with the grinder, if I just start doing it, I start seeing the benefits and work past the nuisance phase to's looming.  I can feel it.

And if you are wondering what the benefits to grinding coffee this way are; a more even grind = no big chunks left behind = better tasting coffee.  Or maybe it's the elbow grease, or the la la land my mind wanders to as I whir, whir, whir, whir - or maybe.....just maybe.......old is an improvement. 

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