Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gratitude (a.k.a. the God post)

An amazing thing has been happening over the last 3 years.  Disclaimer: I am going to talk about God in this post......if you don't agree or if this offends you in any won't get any apologies from me.

So an amazing thing has been  happening over the last 3 years.  Ever since I made it known that my goal was to start a farm with my husband, people have just started giving us things.  I have been given yarn, fabric, wool, a spinning wheel, I bought an entire estate of weaving stuff including a loom, for a killer price, I've been given canning jars, old hankies lovingly embroidered many years ago......the list goes on.  Once, my husband said that he wasn't sure what was meant by the beatitudes in the bible...what exactly is it to be blessed?

Box upon box of canning jars given to me.....I am blessed.
It can't really mean that you get everything you desire can it?  I mean, you can work your butt off and get everything you desire, be it good for you or ill but that's not really blessed.  We humans desire a lot of stupid things.  Does it mean that you get what you desire without really asking?  Maybe.  But I think being blessed is more like love.  Putting it in to words is almost impossible.  It is different for every person.  It is something you know but cannot put your finger on, kind of like faith.  You either feel it or you don't.

Star-gazer in my kitchen right now.......their beauty makes me feel blessed.

Today I brought home boxes and boxes of items that will be crucial in helping my husband and me put up food for our long winters on our new farm.  I brought home boxes of blessings.  I looked at them and my heart swelled.....I hadn't asked for them, in knowing people I have been given things like this that will mean a lot to us later.

My kitty Juniper; as sweet a cat as there ever was.

I am blessed.  Every day to be here, to have what I have and not just material items either but those invisible things like courage and hope and faith.  It takes a lot of all three to go from a 750 square foot condo to living off the land and depending on it for our very survival.  My friend said it best the other day.  She said, "It's time for you to go Patty, it's time for you two to cling together and bear out whatever comes, life is too short to do otherwise".  I will miss her more than just about anyone.

My cymbidium orchid; lovely and fragrant
So soon, very soon my friends, I will be leaving my condo, my home state, my life here and starting a brand new life, an old life; a life that used to be the way everyone lived.  A blessed life.  One that relies on the gifts from God, the gifts from the earth, sky and my own two hands plus a little help from my noggin.  Being blessed isn't asking God for what I want and getting it; it's detachment from what I have, expecting nothing because in all humility, I deserve nothing. 

That is when God steps up to the plate and pours out more blessings than I have a right to hope for.  There is a feeling that comes over me when I least expect it.  A feeling of gratitude, because in my heart of hearts I know where and who things like this come from.  It is harder, much harder, to believe in coincidences.  I am amazed that some people still do.


  1. Hi, I found my way over here from Ravelry. You are doing what I always wanted to do! I'd love to strike out on my own and go back to the land. My family still owns my grandfather's homestead and I harbor the hope that one day I'll go back there.

    Do you have your land yet? What an exciting time!


  2. We are almost there! Hopefully we'll be drawing up the paperwork over the next month.

    The thing I keep reminding myself is that it's the way everyone used to used to be the norm. So while it won't be easy, it certainly is doable with a bit of prayer and ingenuity. You should do it! There's nothing like relying on no one but's amazing what we are capable of doing.