Monday, February 7, 2011

Meatloaf and Sam

One of my favorite things to make is meatloaf.  I know, I know, it's been overdone etc. etc.  Anyone from my generation (I'm 34 next week) has probably had more meatloaf than they care to remember.  It was always the failsafe for dinner.  I went through many years of  not trying it again but over the last 2-3 years, as I've gotten busier and tried to eat healthier, I've become pretty respectful of a good meatloaf.  Especially the way I make them.

The meatloaf I was used to had four basic ingredients.  Meat, eggs, saltines and ketchup.  Maybe some salt and pepper too.  It wasn't too bad but depending on the meat you use it could be pretty unhealthy.  So here's what I've discovered.  I love to make subsitutions in things I make.  If I get a recipe for something, rarely will I make it exactly as I'm told.  I guess maybe I never colored inside the lines of a coloring book either.

 So try this: Don't use any old meat, use the leanest meat you can.  This one uses ground turkey.  Don't use saltines, use oatmeal or wheat germ or Uncle Sam cereal with flaxseed in it ( I used all three).  It's truly amazing what you can throw in there.  I still use an egg and I still season it mildly (Italian seasoning, salt, pepper).  Add some ketchup if you want or sometimes I'll use mustard too or barbeque sauce.  The key is to get the right consistency.  It should be moist but hold together.  Bake at 375 for 15 mins or so and check for done-ness (I'm not fancy, I slice it open, don't want to eat raw meat!).

Now open a jar of home-canned greenbeans and you're definitely good to go!  That's a good meal right there, and pretty durned easy.  The turkey was a bit DRY I'll admit (since it's so lean!) and I'd prefer regular hamburger but it was hearty and good, I still enjoyed it but could have cooked it for slightly less time.

Oh, and below is a picture of my dog Sam.  He's my constant companion and since I couldn't get a pic of him in the post about the dog treats I made (which he keeps begging me for more of) I thought I'd put it here.

Sam-wise, my constant companion

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