Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Love Affair with Wool

I love wool.  I love to spin it, dye it, touch it, snuffle it, snuggle it, wrap it around my neck and walk out the door.  A few months ago my hubby found a nice 100% wool (Merino no less) striped scarf from GAP lying in a parking lot.  It had obviously been there for a while.  I think it had gotten run over a time or two.  So he picked it up and gave it too me......he is, of course, well aware of my love affair with wool (how could he not be with a closet full and stacked to the gills with fleeces, yarns and rovings?) and knew I'd appreciate it.

I did appreciate it but then like a dingaling I proceeded to wash it with too much agitation and it shrunk to about half the length it was.  A short scarf?  Yup, they suck.  So the cool thing about wool is this is not a problem.  Soak it in hot water and hang it up and stretch the crap out of it and you get this:

A full-length stretched out scarf!
Yay for wool!  When it dries, it will keep me even warmer and snugglier because it's slightly felted (all the spaces in the 'fabric' are filled in b.c. it meshed together in the wash).  Can't wait to wear it!

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