Friday, February 18, 2011


I have to confess; I am a propagationaholic.  Ok so that's not a word BUT it should be so that people like me who have this problem can have something to call it. 

My desk a few days ago; thousands of seeeeeeeeeeeeds!!!!!

Every year about this time, as soon as I can see a bit of earth under all that snow.....I feel the need to seed something.  I simply cannot feel complete until I take little tiny seeds, put them in soil, label them neatly and water them thoroughly.

Then I'm like a crazy person staring at a pot of water urging it to boil.  I check on my seeds every single day.  I don't care if the packet said they won't germinate for at least two weeks, I must make sure I haven't missed that moment! When they shove their little green heads above the soil!  Yaaaaaaay!  I never tire of this yearly show.  It's good for hours of joy and obsessiveness.

Lilium michaganense; quite rare
And then the true work begins: dividing, potting up, finding homes for them, putting them in progressively larger containers, keeping them watered but not over-watered, fighting off fungus gnats, fighting off aphids, fighting off botrytis(fungus probably misspelled) only to....a couple months later....put them out in the ground so they can fight off a whole slew of of other pests and diseases.  Have I ever mentioned that I always 'root' for the underdog?  ;-)

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