Monday, February 14, 2011


So my hubby and me are ordering seeds for the farm. This is truly exciting.  It's kind of like when I started my hope chest (I feel a post on that brewing for another time) I did it to keep me hopeful and positive about using all the socks, bibs, wash cloths, blankets and the like that I was making or was given to me by my wonderful friends and family.  We are ordering seeds because in a few short months we will be needing them....Yay!!!!

There is an amazing amount of food to be grown.  Using our cellaring book we are attempting to find all the varieties of crops that store well.  It's not December and January that will be the problem you see.  It's February through March when the ground is not yet thawed enough for the cool season crops and the canned goods are getting really boring (or scarce but seriously? we're going to have lots of food!) that we'll probably want something a little more interesting like SALSIFY.

This lovely little plant talked about right here on this lovely sight has a nice flower, a root that will last nearly forever in the ground, or at the very least through the winter, and will store very well in a root cellar.  They say it tastes a bit like oysters.  Hm.  I feel my excitement waning.

A root that tastes like oysters?

Well.....I am an adventurous sort aren't I?  *Gulp* 

It's funny, I remember when I was in high school I used to scour my Reader's Digest book on North American animals and plants and then go out on the 60 acres my parents owned and hunt for things.  I was looking for a flower or a clue to the life that was held in every little root, flower and leaf that I happened across while walking.  I have a catalog in my head of the species I found.

Lovely bluets which are considered rare in some states:

Bottle gentian in the late late fall, sometimes so late there was snow on the ground:

And a big patch of Oswego tea in the middle of the woods.  I came across it one day and the sun was shining through right down on it.  It was very opportunistic it would seem.

In the book I would use to identify these plants there was a plant called salsify.  And all it's really taken is a mention of it now to go meandering back down memory lane.  I remember the smell of the book in my hands and the wet spot to the northeast of the house that some years was covered in partridge pea

and some years itwasn't.  I didn't know it them but it's an annual so it took a couple years to come back after the first year's plants had gone.

But I never found Salsify and yet here we are, ordering it for our farm.  Little things like this come full circle.  Strange and comforting; all at the same time.  How else are we supposed to know we are taking the right path.  Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open.  That's the only way to see.


  1. Hi Patty,
    Just wanted to answer your quetion about the book,"BEFORE GREEN GABLES". I loved it and it didn't change the story of Anne as we know it. This was her life before. Really nice read.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Thanks Nancy Jo, I'll have to pick it up some time.