Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes....only Whiskey will do.

I wouldn't call myself much of a drinker.  Every once in a great while I wish I had a glass of red wine.  I'm lucky in that my husband makes wine.  And not that sickingly sweet homemades stuff, this stuff is very good, fruity but dry with a mild yeast undertone which is hard to avoid in anything that hasn't been aged a very long time.

But tonight, the only thing that crossed my mind was whiskey.  The good thing about a nice whiskey (not too expensive, not too cheap) is you need barely an inch of it to make a nice finish to the day.  So a $20 bottle may last a very long time.  Now why am I drinking tonight?

Because sometimes you just have to.  It's not a bad thing to admit to a stressful day and bask in the warm belly glow of a nice bit of whiskey.  I've never had a problem with overdoing it, in fact, my father gave me an appreciation for liquor when I was younger and as he never overdid, simply enjoyed a nip instead, it's never been the means to an end for me.  But I digress!  I'm trying to get around to the telling about my trying day!

It's simple: I had to tell my co-worker who I've been mentoring, not to speak to me in the manner that she did (i.e. snobby, unprofessional, rude, thoughtless).  That last word is key = thoughtless.  I truly believe that she has no clue how she comes across.  I think many of us have this problem.  However, that's not an excuse to not try and fix it.  No one is perfect and I grew up being called a smart-ass, everyone says things in such a way as they don't mean; again, usually due to thoughtlessness.  But I have another proposal.  I think the true reason is selfishness.
It's all about me!

I think it's entirely possible to go overboard to the point that you don't feel as if you can express yourself for fear of offending others.  That's not good.  There is middle ground but if you are a mostly selfish person, you will never find it.  You will always be more concerned with getting the words out as fast as they pop in to that bobble of a head of yours rather than considering how to say the same thing with respect for the person. 

Everyone has a bit of dignity.  Not pride, but dignity and appealing to the dignity within another person requires you to step outside yourself, just for a minute and think about someone other than yourself.  I'd like to say that her behavior is due to her age but she is 30 years old.  Age and maturity are not the same thing.

Sometimes growth happens slowly, sometimes it happens very fast.  I consider it a disservice to not tell people when they are out of line.  Because telling them gives them a chance to grow.  But it takes courage and courage takes adrenaline and that my friends is why I am drinking a bit of Irish whiskey.



  1. Girl! Do I feel you! I'll raise a glass with you, cause this week has been less that stellar.

  2. Some days are like...so raise a glass to better ones!


    P.S. Drop me a line if you want the Mint Brownie recipe. Sometimes chocolate works better than whiskey!

  3. Ugh! I'll be glad when it's over!

    Hey Darcie, on my way to do just that!