Friday, March 4, 2011

5am Botched Bread

Baking bread at 5am is just *the thing*.  It's about the only reason I would ever be up at this crazy hour.  I may only bake bread so I can wear this apron my mom made for me.  Ain't it cute?
So for a while now, I've been trying to find the perfect bread recipe that I can bake up on a weekly basis and freeze, eat, gift......whatever.  I've vacillated back and forth between them but they've been mostly whole wheat and recipes that take a while to rise, especially in winter.  Recently I've been trying the sourdough from Mary Janes Farm Ideabook (which is on its way in the mail to me yaaaaaay).  Right off the bat I think I messed up the starter.  Added too much of the ingredients etc.  Sometimes, fearless farmgirls can be a little TOO fearless and forget that reading the directions does not mean they are not who they say they are.   

Cat hair is another issue....if there are ever any hairs in my baking, this is the culprit.  She's gotta be where the 'action' is and if her food bowl is empty forget it!  You won't get a moment's peace.  But how can you not love that face?  Ok back to bread.

I've baked up 3 loaves of this bread and each one has been so so but this morning's really takes the cake (pictured left, bread, not cake).  I decided to add a packet of yeast to it since I messed up the starter anyway.  Well it rose so well that the minute I touched it it deflated.  But you know what?  I put it in the oven anyway.  The whole point of this learning curve is to...well...learn something.  I've never baked a deflated loaf of bread before.  We'll see what happens.  Some of my yummiest creations have been  happy accidents.....I just have a feeling this will not be one of them.  Oh well!  More bread for the birds!


  1. Well, it didn't come out too well but the smell was worth it anyway. I do too, that's why I won't give up!

  2. I think you should start a new batch of starter LOL LOL LOL
    I love homemade bread. There is nothing like it. I know you will get it!
    And thanks for following me!

  3. Well we Hoosiers have to stick together! Yup, tonight I'm going to start a new batch of starter. I'll keep trying!