Saturday, March 12, 2011

Farm Day Friday - on a Saturday? Oops.

I noticed that I'm not talking about the farm nearly as much as I intended to on here.  The plan is: buy the land, move to the land, start a self-sufficient farm and 'get off the grid' and blog relentlessly about it (as long as that doesn't interfere with milking the cow, feeding the chickens, sowing the crops canning/harvest yadda yadda yadda) so my friends and fam can have a consistent update on what's going on since many of them are hell and gone from where I'll be.  Ok.  Sounds good, now how in tarnation do we do it?

Anyway, I'm officially designating Fridays as Farm Days.  I will only talk farm.  Farm dreams, farm plans, farm updates etc.

But I have to post a purty picture or two.  Have to.  Even if they have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about, I just don't see why me or those who read this have to suffer through a mass of text and no prettiness.  So here:

Is my lovely orchid.  This is last year.  It's getting ready to bloom again right now!

Farm Update: we had found some acreage we were ready to buy.  The price was right and we loved it.  The owner however, is in Florida and she just wasn't going to be convinced to do any paperwork while she was down there.  So we got our hopes up and then she basically said; You have to wait until I get back.  *sigh*  We've been looking now for 3 years basically.  On and off.  Craig's list and elsewhere and it's been hard dealing with people.  We know the urgency (the growing season is only so long people!) but everyone else has their own lives and they have to live them too.  Ok so live and let live.  That's fine  But work with us!  So we decided to wait until she comes back in about a month.....pretty picture time:

So here we are........waiting.
But that's ok, it will happen when it happens right?  In the meantime we've ordered seeds for the garden and are accumulating all sorts of great stuff to use on the farm from friends, families and auctions so who's to say we aren't supposed to be waiting this long while we keep getting great stuff that we won't have to buy once we're out there?  Patience isn't just a virtue, it's a necessity.  If my dog Sam hasn't taught it to me then this whole situation certainly has.  It will happen, but not when or how we think.....isn't that always the way?


  1. That's great! I hope things work out for you. I look forward to reading about your farm land adventures. :)

  2. Thanks K. And thanks for the follow! I can't wait to get started writing about them.