Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fearless Fiber Art

Boiling wool in mordant so it will take the dye

So I'm thinking about trademarking the Fearless Farmgirl name.  I don't have delusions of granduer or anything, I just like the sound of it and it could apply to lots of things that I will end up selling on Etsy.  Like fiber arts.

Wool dyed with elderberries

Fearless Fiber could be any fiber that I have washed, carded and prepared for spinning like what's pictured here.
Wool dyed with Celandine poppy stems and leaves

All natural dyes if I can help it, fearlessly dyeing with anything and everything I can possibly find.  That's how I got in to this mess!  Dyeing is addictive!  It changes the way you see everything.  You see a pretty flower and think, "Wow, I wonder what shade that would yield?" Forever. Dye.

Drum carder to make batts
And batts made on the drum carder..........................................

And finally; Fearless Farmgirl Products would provide fantastic hand spun yarns and hand knits.  I could make a whole life of this.....too bad I've got a day job.

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