Monday, March 14, 2011

Procrastination is going very well, thank you.

I've been trying to sell my home for three years.  Yup.  You know when that big 'ol bubble burst?  I decided to meet the man I was to marry (and am now married to) put my house up for sale and try and move.  Well obviously you can see how THAT went.  Well I've been taking it off and putting it back on the market and this Thursday it's going back on again.  Oh Lordy.  Why - why can't I be better about keeping up with housework?  Because now here I am, two nights left to get this place lookin' up to snuff for showings and I have stuff everywhere in huge piles that only I know the secret to.  Then I get overwhelmed and have to sit down frequently and do things like.....write a blog post. 

OoOoOo....pretty picture.

It's like I'm reclaiming my house from months of laziness.  I'm paying for it.  The benefit to all this is showings.  Once it's up and looking like someone might actually want to buy it again, the showings that will happen will keep me walkin' the line of a clean homestead.  Of course, it's depressing because if you want to do anything at all, and of course my farm skills need to be honed and they all require massive amounts of stuff being strewn about because I'm visual like that, who wants to do anything but sit in a nice clean chair, with a nice clean book that can be put back on the shelf easily and go out for every meal so as not to dirty up the kitchen?

Oh my God the kitchen.  I don't want to think about it.  Surely the flour on the countertops leftover from my raging success with breadmaking yesterday, was left there intentionally because I plan on doing more baking anyway.   Right?

*sigh* back to work.....the prize?  Finally living with my sweet husband. 
It's worth it. 
Every little bit.


  1. Procrastinating is one of my vices too, Patty. eyes on the prize......

  2. We had our house on the market for just a year - and decided to take it off. I keep telling myself that I should pretend that I'll be showing it on short notice, just to keep things in order. That doesn't always go so well :)!