Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sew-day Sunday

There are just too many things to blog about today.  So since I seem to have a fondness for designating days for certain things; Sunday will be Sewing Day.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I have yet to really tackle sewing.  If I make it something I have to do a little bit of on Sundays, perhaps my husband won't have to wear skirts.

So here is some fab fabric I found:

I'm going to start with a fairly simple reproduction of a headband that I got from my friend Heather who is also known as Crimson Tate: Modern Quilter.
She has an Etsy store!  Check it out!

I have a couple things to change about it, it's too tight and gives me a headache for one thing and I also want to try using a little thinner piece of fabric.  So, here goes.  Oh and I wouldn't dream of trying to sell these.  They're just for me.  If you want to see some super cute ones go to her Etsy store!  They're very reasonably priced.

And just for looks:

This was my Saturday morning drive to work yesterday.  Ahhhhhhh.......

Last but not least the big news too is; I'M LEAVING!  Husband and I put our foot down.  No matter what happens with the land we want to buy, I'm moving out to him  in April.  We've set April 20th as the day to leave.  Mom and dad will help me move out there.  Now I just have to find a renter for this place.  See what I mean?  Waaaay too many things to blog about today.  Now I have to get going on the sewing because I may not have much time left to learn!


  1. So, I had to come back and see, did you do it? Have you flown the coop. Has the adventure begun?


  2. Ahhhhh....if only! Our plans have been foiled! Luckily it means a delay only - I believe I am finally learning patience.