Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week-long Retreat

I'd really like to say I've been absent from blogging due to a retreat somewhere warm, sunny and preferably with a fiber art workshop involved....but no.  I've been cleaning, organizing and ick cleaning my carpets.  Oh joy!

Pardon the sarcasm!  I am joyful.  Glad to have my mother to help me do all those things, glad that this means all I now need is a renter - a good one - and I can be toodleloo on my way!

But I missed Farmday Friday and Soundtrack Sunday!  Can you ever forgive me?  My goal truly is to blog every day, every day a little piece of Fearlessness but goals are something you work towards right?  So I had to let it go in the name of Moving to Be With My Husband.  This week....I'll do better, Promise.

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