Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The World Ahead

Consists of craziness and happiness all in a big messy bundle.  Isn't it funny that that's how happiness usually happens?

I'm leaving Indiana.  I'm moving out to be with my husband finally.  Three years of long distance (unmarried or not) is plenty.  So I'm renting this place out until it sells and packin' up! 

When I left Maine, I didn't leave that much behind.  A crappy job, a messed up relationship, some sweet cats, a few great books that belonged to my grandmother.  I missed the books most of all.....guess the cats weren't THAT sweet.

This time is different yet, much better.  I think many people don't understand how I can leave such a great paying job where I have all this prestige, respect and am doing what I thought I loved.  I get it.  It sounds great. Things usually do when you're not the person doing them.

Alright so it pays well; I've never cared about money, it's the bane of my existence, we are all slaves to it, it ruins's time to move on.

Prestige; I'm a wallflower at heart, I do like to teach others but prestige makes me noivous, an overinflated ego is a great way to fall on your's time to move on.

Respect; this one's harder, I do enjoy having it from others, it was duly earned thankyouverymuch, but again, it plays in to the ego thing, I don't have to have it in order to know I'm worthy of's time to move on.

Doing what I loved; note the past tense, when you're taken in to your counselors office as a Sophomore in highschool and asked to "pick a career, any career! you can do absolutely aannyything!" how exactly are you supposed to respond to that?  So, I don't hate what I do, I think I chose well but the kicker is, I never really wanted a career.  If I had been given the choice between a career and pursuing my own interests in homemaking, herbal arts, arts, crafting, gardening....I would never have had a career; they aren't just hobbies, people used to live that way, why not again?'s time to move on.

All those for moving on?  Aye!  AYE! AyE!  aye! aYE!  aYe! ayE!

All those for staying put?.................................anyone?..................................................

The Aye's have it!  Stay tuned......................

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