Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chicken Purse - Yup, you read right.

I was thinking about what to write about today and got on Amazon to do some shopping (possibly, really shouldn't spend money but have this thing about finding the perfect purse, all mine aren't quite right and if I can find it I can look forward to never ever having to purse shop again!  And this isn't it)

Product DetailsThe chicken purse.  Rubber, red, yellow and alllllll chicken. Bok bok.
This might be taking the Farmgirl thing a bit far dontcha think?  But seriously....I'm tempted.

How many are courageous enough to show off their dedication to our fine feathered egg producing friends?  But rubber?  Can't you smell that 'new rubber' smell?  Nah.  Prolly made in China and prolly not for me.  I'll keep lookin'.

Had to giggle at the petite and plus size search narrowing options on Amazon.  We're sizing purses now?  I wonder if this hen is petite or plus?

Product Details
 Then I saw this one.  Now, don't get me wrong, I know this type of thing really does it for some girls but truly not me.  That whole death thing coupled with pink hearts?  Well - I want to look at my purse and be cheered, not wonder what lurks within (stale sammich, poison ring?)

This one caught my eye, an Indiana Jones satchel.  But that flappy thing in front?  That never works for me. It gets in the way.  Product DetailsBut hey I won't take you through everything I found.  If you see a girl walkin' around with a chicken purse you'll know which one I chose!

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