Friday, April 1, 2011

Farmday Friday!!!!!!

I have a love/why can't I make it! relationship with cheese.  I love to eat it, but making it has been a challenge.  When I have tried, this is what I end up with.  The stuff in the container is Ricotta (which is Italian for twice cooked, which is what you do to get it, you cook the whey left from normal cheesemaking) and the stuff in the plastic wrap is essentially cream cheese/farmers cheese I've also heard it called.
 Now in many cases, this will do fine for cheese but what I really want to make is a good, semi-hard cheese, something I can age until it gets all dry and stinky and yummy.  I bought a book on cheesemaking; I haven't cracked the cover yet.  And I probably won't until I'm ready to try, try again.
Without my own cow/goat/sheep to use the milk from to make it, it gets pretty durned expensive to keep trying over and over.  One time I said 'screw it' and just boiled the curds in the whey to see what would happen.  Well the curds solidified and that was the yummiest cheese so far.  They tasted kinda like mozzarella.

So for Farmday Friday, here are my attempts at cheeeeeeese.  Anybody else made any?


  1. mmmm cheese! I've never even considered making my own. You rock.

  2. I'll rock harder when I get it right! :) but thanks! You should give it a try, at the very least you might get some yummy curds.