Monday, April 4, 2011

Holy Bakin' Sunday

Sundays were supposed to be Sew-days - that skill I have yet to truly master.  But while procrastinating about what to sew today, I started baking:


And baking.....

And baking.....

To be fair, I did promise my husband that I would mail him a double batch of biscotti.  Over the years I've mailed him a wide array of baked goods; care packages, you know.  It let's him know that I'm thinking about him.  Well this one will have a little of everything.  Some dog treats, some people treats and a whole loaf of homemade sourdough that's in the oven baking right 12:45am.  Have I mentioned I love to bake?  I wonder......does thinking about sewing count towards my goal of learning it?  Probaby not eh?  Well, I'll have a happy hubby anyway, and that's a fair exchange in my book.

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