Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off To The Races!

Today our seasonal staff started and things got a little crazy.  The good part about winter is the mellow moments when you can occasionally hop on blogger, FB etc.  The bad part is the utter sedentary lifestyle I inevitably lead.  Being in charge of two people kinda changes all that.  Suddenly, I have to be organized so that they can do their job.  Fat chance.  I was very not ready for that but funny, ready or not it happened anyway so tonight will be spent making up for my lack of preparedness and working FROM HOME. 

I swore off doing this three years ago when I couldn't turn off my brain long enough to be myself.  Now here I am being forced to do it again.  Not a happy camper but hopefully it won't be much longer. Hopefully I'll find a renter soon and be gone.  Hopefully.

p.s. you really shouldn't look at all that text without some pretty pictures.....

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