Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playin' Ketchup

Well I'm behind again!  This week was the first week of waking up at 5am to get in to work by 6am and being wiped out when I get home means I'm behind on a lot of things.  Last night was the last straw.  Ended up passing out in the tub after a nice glass of wine.  Got out, got my jammies on and passed out for another 3 hours until my husband called.  But boy, I feel pretty rested this morning!  Maybe next week it will be easier.  On with the Farmday post!

I can't believe I haven't shown you my spinning yet!  What am I thinking?  It's central to my life.  I don't feel complete without a closet full of fiber and yarn and other things to .......deep breath.......sorry folks, I'm a little obsessed.

Alpaca, Llama, Shetland, Cotton, Cat (yes you read right) and some boxes of yarn for good measure

 And here's the culprit.  My wheel that my aunt gave to me.  She wasn't using it and lo and behold it was a working wheel in very good shape!  The lovely matching bench was a Christmas present from my husband....he does gorgeous work!

A bit of Shetland which I'm spinning now.

Don't worry....there's more of this.....

 And this is what it looks like spun up.  (note the nails, can't help it, they make me happy) There's a lot of this color Shetland....I will have lots of yarn when I'm done with it!

 I also have cotton waiting around for me.  This was gathered from a friend who has a sister in Florida with a cotton bush.  They're not hard to grow.  That's my next experiment!
Had to include the everpresent Juniper.  She was pleading with me to let her outside while I was taking the photos for this post, she doesn't seem to understand that she's an inside cat.

There could be a whole other post on the other fibers, the dyeing I've been doing (v. cool!) etc but I'll save that for another post.  Happy Sunday!