Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Soundtrack

Ever just need a day of silence?  Yesterday after driving four hours back from Springfield, IL and listening to constant noise put out by the radio, silence seems like a balm.  Today's soundtrack is like that.  Silent.  It's not the title of anything, I just think every once in a while it's necessary to remember what it's like to not need a soundtrack to your day.  To instead, listen to what's around you.  So maybe silence isn't the best description.  There are still sounds to my Sunday soundtrack. 

The tap, tap, tap of Sam's nails as he walks around the condo.  Juniper in the litterbox.  Coffee brewing.  The whirrrrr of the computer.  The footsteps of the person above me.  A far away train whistle and ambulance.  The thunk of Sam dropping his toy right behind me and then sneaking out of the room as if to say "Play with me?" 
Or the pleasurable groan  he emits as he rolls around on top of his toy or bone.

It's too bad in today's world we're always plugged in to, listening to, watching or doing something.  Sundays since time immemorial, in my family have been days of rest.  My great-grandfather would never let my brother mow his lawn on Sundays.  My family always tried to take it easy.  So here's to a no music Sunday.  To a day of listening to what's around me instead of creating more noise.  Open up your ears, settle your mind; what do you hear around you?

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  1. So true... one of my favourite quiet moments is listening to the wind blowing through the grass and trees in the warm summer months. :)