Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday already?

Where do the weeks go?  Oh yes, they are slashed and burned amidst the constant tail-chasing that is spring!  Oh but what a wonderful spring!  Most years we have a week or two of cooler weather and then bam! 90 degrees.  This year we are having a wonderfully slow spring.  It gives everyone a chance to enjoy the peeking ephemerals and budding trees.  There's so much to love about spring.
 Just now the sun is peeking through my office window and warming my back.  I'm hoping I have time to go see these little beauties in person.  If you wait a week, you miss something that's blooming.  My dear sweet husband is coming home for Easter.  He's driving out and staying for a whole week.  What a wonderful thing.  We'll have to greet and get to know each other again.  We haven't seen each other since February 8th or so.  Patience.  If I ever wished for more patience I think I got my wish.  The trials of life!  If life were easy, I'd probably be bored.

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