Monday, April 11, 2011

Vinegar Conversion

I hate the smell of vinegar.  I've always hated it.  Even as a kid when using it to melt the Paas tabs to color Easter eggs I had to hold my nose.  My husband has told a vinegar story of mine a time or two where I turned my nose up at the German potato salad he was so sure I'd love at one of our first meals out together.  Oops.  Sorry honey; vinegar gives me heartburn. 

But as he pointed out (which he is soooo good at doing) I need to get used to it because vinegar is one of those miracle things that has a million uses and on a farm - we'll probably need every single one of them.  AND we can make it ourselves.  Did you know that?  You can actually make vinegar.  It's not that hard but that's not what this post is about so maybe a Farmday Friday post coming up, I'll go in to more detail.

So finally I'm being converted.  I used to use vinegar in the laundry to help soften my water, I have really really really really hard water, so hard that if you leave some water from my faucet in an aluminum pie pan long enough it eats tiny holes in the's crazy hard.  I dumped a whole bunch in the dishwasher but there was no helping that old thing, it just needs to be replaced. 

When I got my first grown-up set of pots and pans I remember actually reading the instructions (I was so proud of them I wanted to take good care of them and still do) and was surprised to see that they recommended a little dash of vinegar in the final rinse when washing them to remove any staining etc. that won't come off with normal washing.  I still use that tip and just now I used it on a very nice copper saute pan we got my father for Christmas.  It totally removed the stains on the inside and made it nice and shiny again.  Love nice and shiny!

So here it is!  My tribute to vinegar (I'll have to tell my husband to read this) after a long horrible relationship with it.  I will continue my personal exploration of this amazing and non-toxic tool in liquid form.  Now why the heck can't they make it lavender scented?

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