Monday, May 9, 2011


It's late, and Mother's Day is nearly over but I couldn't let it pass by without a small tribute to my mom, who is currently in Canada....and who will probably not read this right away because of it.  But here goes....

Dear Mom,

Remember the time I cut my hair so short that you cried?  Remember the blue robin egg you placed in my palm that you found in the grass while mowing?  Remember my tears when I cracked it?  Remember the gigantic sunflowers in your garden you had to use an axe to cut down?  Remember when I ran away from my own birthday party because I thought I was in trouble for opening a present too soon?  Remember the field of California poppies we used to walk by on our way to school?  Remember the Easter egg hunt in Dixon when I cried because I didn't find a single egg?  Remember the girls you kept me away from in middle school because they were 'sluts'?  Remember how at every house we've lived in there's been a momma robin trying to build a next on the porch?  Remember the day I found you planting daffodils out by the weeping willow tree bench that you had put there just for me?  Remember when you totally revamped my bedroom while you had sent me off to Europe and got me some mosquito netting over my bed because I wanted some?  Remember when you first took me to the Clinique counter to show me how to treat my skin and use makeup?  Remember when I threw my 4-H cross stitch project across the room out of frustration?  Remember the horse you guys bought me for Christmas one year?  Remember the grave and Adaliza and my Anne of Green Gables-like imagination?  Remember the bluebells at Clegg Gardens?  The bottle gentian and bluets at the 60 acres?

You've given me many great memories mom.  I love you for them all. 

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  1. Very Sweet of you to do this for your mom, Patty. It's beautiful. Maria