Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where am I? oO, and a crepe recipe

In my last post I talked about missing farm-days.  All the things I love to do but have not had time for due to the season and my job wiping me out every day.  This past Saturday I was working and my stress levels got so bad that I was nearly doubled over with a stomach ache.  This is ridiculous.  I refuse to give in to stress.  It will kill you ya know?


So I'm fighting back.  I'm taking a stand against stress. Even if I'm dead tired at the end of my day I'm going to do something farm related.  Today I donned one of my home-made summer skirts and sat down for a lot of knitting.  Also to fight back, I'm going to continue renting every episode of Little House on the Prairie from Netflix and watch one at the end of every work day.  If by the end of one episode I'm not my farmgirl self again, then I'll watch two.

I've been thinking about my loom with the kind of longing that most women reserve for a lost love.  I've been looking at my spinning wheel with cow's eyes.  I'm stowing ripped curtains and old clothes to rip in to strips for weaving someday.  Though I've barely had the time my farmdays are never far from my thoughts.

I'm still trying to do some baking on Sundays as well.  Today I decided to make crepes.  Wicked easy and better than buying expensive wrap bread (though with eggs, flour and butter....maybe not so good for the cholesterol eh?).  Smothered in Nutella or used for sammiches they are the bomb.  And easy:

2 eggs beaten well
1cup milk
1 cup flour
2 tbsp butter, melted (but not super hot or it will curdle the eggs!)
1/2 tsp salt

Beat all together very well and let sit 30 minutes.  Melt a bit more butter and brush on a 6 to 10 inch frying pan or crepe pan on med/lo heat.  Pour in enough batter to completely cover the base of the pant (about 1/4 cup or more) then let cook until the top is dry.  Flip over and cook a few more minutes - a bit of golden brown on both sides is good.  Flip out on to waxed paper and put another layer of paper down for the next crepe.  I like mine thick so it make maybe 6 or 8 crepes.  Minus one with Nutella.....nom.

Give it a try, they're super easy.  Some I sprinkled with Italian seasoning for a more savory flavor.  Don't be afraid to experiment.

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