Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FF Saves the World

Or at least I want to.  Last year when I did my annual review at my job one of my goals was literally to help save the world.  Ok so that seems a bit lofty but truly don't we all have our little postage stamp sized lots of green/asphalt/home/school/friends/family that we can influence?  Or try to?  So if I'm responsible for this little patch of earth (the place I work) and I can help save it from suburbia, construction, empathy and carelessness-haven't I saved the world?  A piece of it?

I know, I know...I'm being vague.  But it's necessary so pardon my lack of detail.

Part of saving the world has to be a firm belief in the right way of doing things.  The EASY way is rarely the right way.  Once I was asked by someone dear to me whether or not I intentionally sought out the hard way to do things; love, life, work etc.  My answer was no, of course not.  But seriously, give me five good examples of something that is easy and good.  Truly good.  Not something that just appears good but truly is.

Truly Easy & Good:
I can't think of any.

So here's to the hard life.  I'll keep laughing.  My husband helps me to keep laughing.  And the spark that at 34 years of age keeps me thinking that yeah, I can change the world?  Maybe that's the only thing I know of that's easy and good.


  1. Good to hear from you FF!! I missed you and down good home sense.

    I am with you on this one all the way. I too think that I can change the world, or that I was put here to do something...something GREAT! I just don't know what that is yet.

    And as for things being easy and good - the only one I can think of is a smile :)

  2. Aw thanks K. ! Glad to hear there's somebody else out there. The two of us can surely make light work of it? :-) You're right! I'll keep smiling, it is easy and very very good.