Monday, June 20, 2011

Ode to Dad

I am half asleep but I couldn't let Father's Day pass without writing a bit about my dad.  Though technically, it's Monday right now.  Well.....until I go to sleep and wake's not the next day so without further ado; here's to dad.

I think every lick of common sense I have I can credit you for dad.  You are important.  You gave me sense, logic, a sense of adventure and a respect for things that can hurt me through the mastering of them, rather than giving in to fear.  You may have worked a lot while we were kids but there are things I will never forget:

Like the time you were leaving on a long trip and you woke me up especially to say goodbye.  I sat on your knee half asleep and barely remembered it the next morning but I missed you.  Or the times you brought me home beautiful unicorns to add to my collections - usually something you saw somewhere in a shop on one of your trips.  My favorite one of all time I smashed in to a million tiny pieces.  It was blown and filled glass and the unicorn was rearing up on his hind legs.  I was so upset.  He fell over at least twice and finally I put his sad pieces in a container.  I kept them for years and years.  I think I was living in Maine when I finally decided to part with them and I was still pretty reluctant to do so.  I still have the small Limoges music box one you got me.  It has a braided lock of Easy's hair in it and a few other keepsakes.

You tried so hard to help me ride Easy Being Rich.  I remember when you hopped on and galloped away trying to show me how easy it was......I couldn't help it!  It was so hard to try and ride him after he bucked me off a few times!!  You showed me how to drive a tractor.  I still remember how.  You showed me that I could shoot a gun with the best of them and you had no qualms about taking me to the gun club or out hunting.

I may have hated it at the time but every time you told me to 'suck it up' you were putting another little bit of steel in my backbone.  You helped me learn how to fly fish and gave me one of your rods.  The fishing trips we've been on, it didn't matter that we didn't catch anything dad, it was great just to be with you.  What was the name of the river in Pennsylvania?  Susquahanna or something?

Almost every day at my job, I use something you've taught me.  Whether it's the fact that everyone deserves the common decency of being listened to at least once or that everyone has something in common and if you remember that, you can talk to absolutely anyone.  You have been a great teacher dad.  I have been told when I teach that I manage to take very complicated topics and whittle them down to something just about anyone could understand and I feel like I borrowed this skill from you (and maybe some from mom too!)

Well dad, I know there's more but I should save some for next year.  I'm glad that you are my father.  The parts of you that are in me I think are some of the best parts of yourself.  And that's probably what every parent wants for their kid.  I love you.....and sorry if this was too emo for you.  :-)

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