Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Blogging Gods

Surely they are against me?  But maybe they changed their minds.....because my computer is now up and working thanks to a cooling mat fan thingy underneath.  Old laptop.  Better than none.  I refuse to blog from my iPhone=iStrain!!  Big time.

Sew I'm sewing again.  I'm working on making a shirt.  I have very few tops in my summer wardrobe and on a whim, I laid out a tank I like on top of some light and airy white fabric I have a ton of (thanks mom) and started cutting.  Fearless?  Yes.

firstshirt; no pattern - it will have tab type straps that button on.
I was talking with my husband about my mode of learning.  It seems no biggie to me but I guess most people might be scandalized by it or at least a little skeert.  You see I learn better from my own mistakes than I ever could from a pattern.  Oh sure, sure, I can make something using a pattern and if it were something truly important, I would.  But in my most fearless projects, if I screw them up, I kick myself so hard for the waste of time and materials - I learn the lesson very very well.  And then I start all over again.

I suppose it's human nature to shy away from difficulty, to go to classes, to closely follow patterns, lines etc.  But I challenge you to go the other direction.  That's what I keep doing in many aspects of my life.  If you expect me to go one way, I will make an immediate b-line in the opposite direction just to show you in the end, you cannot paint me in to a box, no way, no how. 

5am double rainbow with no storms in sight - the angle of the sun was 'just so'.  Ah.
I will waste my time, my money, my materials, my resources but learn the biggest lessons because of them and THAT IS LIFE.  Is it really a waste?  Nope. 

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