Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sam's Song

This is Sam:

Sam is my constant companion.  I'm going to tell you the story of Sam or Sam's Song if you will.

I was on my way to work one morning in early December two years ago.  Taking the same route I always take, no biggie.  At the crest of one of the small hills I noticed the car in front of me slowing down and I wasn't sure why.  When I reached that same hill I saw this:

And I knew.

Well while some people could just leave a dog like this in the middle of the road when temperatures are getting colder and colder, I simply can't.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with a dog but leaving it there was not an option.  So I pulled over in the nearest driveway and called to the dog. It came bounding towards me and I had a momentary second thought as I imagined this 55 lb lanky dog ripping my face off. 

Instead it sat down square in front of me and started barking in protest, head thrown back and sounding for all the world like his heart was broken.  At this point I noticed 'it' was definitely a neutered 'he', that his ears were immaculate, that he had absolutely no collar nor was there any sign of him recently wearing one.

I cleared out the back seat of the car and I had barely enough time to get out of his way when he hopped right in.  But the back was not good enough for him.  He climbed right over the arm rest and sat in the passenger seat as if to say 'ok, let's go'.

Only he wasn't that cool, calm and collected.  He was very anxious.  He couldn't sit still and his face was right up at the windshield.  I stopped at a few houses nearby and asked around, nobody knew him.  I stopped at work to tell them what had happened and let them know I'd be late.  My only other choice was to take him to the local shelter.

Sam at the Shelter
Sam at the shelter
Which is a no-kill shelter, so don't worry.  But my thoughts ran something like this: "I can't take care of a dog, I work too much, I don't have time, I have a cat, what if he kills my kitty?, what about the expense? Vet bills, food etc. there's just no way" So I took him to the shelter and tried to forget about it.

That night I was talking to my boyfriend (now husband) and I couldn't get this poor dog out of my mind.  I thought for sure someone would claim him.  If your dog went missing surely you'd call the shelter right?  But I still hemmed and hawed and couldn't imagine having a dog.

After a couple days and the weekend to think it through, I started visiting him in the shelter.  They would hold him for a week before adopting him I found out so I could visit him whenever I wanted.  Finally after realizing that there really was no choice, that this dog had kind of chosen me, that my husband was perfectly willing to have another dog and that I envied his companionship with his dog while he and I were(are) still living in separate states........I called the shelter to put a hold on him. 

They told me someone else had already put a hold on him.  I nearly cried.  But in the next breath they said that I had first dibs no matter what because I had found him.  I was ecstatic!  I had talked to my mom and she agreed to foot the first vet bill and the shelter adoption fee as an early Christmas present.  Most of my family thought I was nuts.  Except my sister because she's cool that way.

And I obviously didn't have anything to worry about with cats - oh he was interested for sure but good training always pays off!!
 So December 9th 2009 I became the happy mom to one 55 lb German Short-haired Pointer and I named him Sam-wise.  Because sure, there are days I want to kill him but more often than not, especially after nearly two years of training him to be a really great dog, there are days where I feel like he carries me. Even if by making me laugh out loud.

 Besides my husband, he's quite possibly the best friend I've ever had.  He's constantly surprising me with his ability to learn because like me, he pays very close attention.  
Good boy. 


  1. Very very very sweet post. And sounds like the same thing that would have happened here (and has happened here) when we see those sweet things running loose on the road. You're a hero!!

  2. Way to make me cry first thing in the morning! What a wonderful story! Yeah for Sam and you!

  3. Glad you both liked it. KK: no problem :-) Next time you need a tear-jerker let me know.

  4. That is such a sweet post. It just melted my heart. I am so glad he found you! I tell my husband all the time that I want to save them all! Then he reminds me two at a time is all we can handle right now:) - I am enjoying your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and following mine too!

  5. Thank you Diane, glad you are enjoying my posts. I've toyed with the idea of opening a shelter at one point because I can't stand to see animals needing homes! Maybe one day.

  6. Aw, that is so sweet! I just love mom said I should run a shelter but I think I'd keep them all!

  7. Kayla: that's the problem I would have too!! I'd be called 'the crazy cat lady' or something and children would walk by my house, talking in whispers!