Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sew-day Sunday

 Ah...Sewing.  I've been doing a good lot of it this month.  A little project here and there.  I love the variety of it.  And of course teaching myself new things is always a blast.  The last two projects I've worked on have taught me so much.  First is the tank:

I took a comfy tank I already have and laid it on top of some fabric, cut it out, sewed it up and voila!  A snug yet comfy tank!  The original was stretchy fabric and this is just plain old cotton.

Prolly would have made it a tad larger had I thought of it.  It's good around the house though and hey, I learned about finer stitching to prevent unwanted gathers and to allow for extra room if the original garment is stretchy! 

Lessons learned are never a waste of time.

Next is the birdy cozy.  

I have two parakeets, Riki & Buster (both female of course, one recently started laying eggs) that make a holy mess and I was this close to putting them up on free cycle when I realized I could maybe sew my way out of the problem.  I developed this birdy cozy:

Drawstring at the top and bottom, enough fabric to allow for some flexibility, their mess is contained and I can simply open the bottom 'hatch' and empty it in to the trash can with a little shake!  This was sooper easy.  And cute if I do say so myself.  

My next sewing project is to finish up my merit badges from Mary Jane's Farm - I've decorated them too which is fun.  Should be a cinch. Then I think it's time to make more skirts.  The two I've made I wear all the time.  Happy Sunday!


  1. You're right that a lesson learned is not time wasted. And is there any problem that you can't sew your way out of? I should be more daring like you. I need to sew more but I'm always so afraid of the patterns. You just laid your tank on top of another tank and went to town? You inspire me!

  2. It helps to use very inexpensive fabric! It's easier to just jump in with both feet when a major screw up won't cost you an arm and a leg.

    Mine was free, some that my mom didn't want any longer.

    If you're afraid of the pattern then don't use one! There's always more than one way to do something! Thanks for the comment!

    I'm so glad I've inspired you. If I can do it............!