Monday, September 12, 2011

Farmgirl to the Animal Rescue!! (Part 1)

I'm not sure how it happened but I seem to have gotten a reputation around here.  One that I'm kind of proud of actually.  When there's an animal in distress, my neighbors come and find me.
As in most neighborhoods, we have our share of stray dogs and cats.  Last year, my neighbor asked me what we should do about a New Arrival kitty he had noticed hanging around.  

She was very small, extremely friendly and totally black.  I met her one day and was smitten, and noticed she had a shaved spot like she'd just had surgery.  Not something you usually see on a stray.  I started feeding her until I could decide what to do.

I found out she was dumped by my neighbor and asked around to see what I could do about it.  The shelter told me it was an offense to dump an animal and that if I wanted to, I could turn the Schmuck in.  So I did.

The cops knocked on his door and he promised he'd take her in and do right by her rather than leaving her to fend for herself.  My other neighbor, Nice Girl, knew about the New Arrival little black kitty and had been visiting with her as I was, petting her and loving on her.

I talked with this Nice Girl who, once I told her the situation, started to consider adopting New Arrival kitty.  When her decision was made she knocked on the door of the Schmuck who dumped the sweet kitty and made a deal with him, if he would get her wormed and in good shape by taking her to the vet, Nice Girl would adopt her.

No cops on his doorstep.  Nice Girl and nice girl's husband get a new friend.  Everyone wins.

Oh and Schmuck?  He was working at a vet's office at the time.  What a Schmuck!  But it all worked out and New Arrival is now named Trixie and when I visit her at Nice Girl's place, she seems very happy and settled in. 

Don't you love happy endings?

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