Saturday, September 17, 2011

Farmgirl to the Animal Rescue! (Part 3)

Our third and final installment of the strange, animal occurrences in my neighborhood.....and the most recent happening!

Last weekend my neighbor tapped at my door and asked me if I would please come take a look at this cat because it was walking funny.  I said sure, went out the patio screen door and started walking down the road with him.

I had a moment of worry when I realized that this might be too much for Sam.  He's ok apart from me if it's in an environment he's familiar with, the crate or the car work best, he can't seem to handle being out in the house, he get's too stressed.

Not a moment after I had those thoughts I heard something coming up behind me FAST! I turned around and here comes Sam, barrel-assing down the road right at me.  I wanted to laugh so hard but first I had to stop him.

I held up my hand and stood right in front of his path and yelled STOP!  And being the good, well trained doggie he is, he stopped and sat down right in front of me.  Good boy.  Dang proud I am.

My neighbor took Sam back for me and put him in the car while I continued on to the cat.

When I got there, she was laying low to the ground and pedaling her back legs, displaying her, um, nether regions and obviously in heat.

I almost laughed.  I forget that not many people have seen a cat in heat because you can have them spayed/neutered when they are quite young, before they've ever displayed the behavior that goes with it.

The cat was gorgeous.  A Tortie/Tabby mix, probably about 6-8 mos old and pretty friendly.  I held her on the ground by the scruff of  her neck so she wouldn't go any where while we decided what to do.  The little girl that lives on my street walked up and thankfully, she knew who the cat belonged to.

She knocked on the door of the owner and they came out to get her.  It was a girl who picked her up, she was maybe 12 or so and she had a look of such uncaring in her eyes I couldn't help but say "Keep this cat inside so she doesn't get hit" and "Get her some tags" to which this uncaring girl barely nodded.

I have a suspicion she put the cat out because it was acting funny and often when cats are in heat they will yowl like nobody's business.

I can't save them all, I can't save them all, I can't save them all, I can't save them all.....but if it were at least allowed to physically throttle their owners, I would feel better, it's just inhumane to not allow those of us who care that compensation.

Maybe I'll write my congressman.

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