Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fiberaholics Anonymous

Hello my name is Fearless Farmgirl and I'm a Fiberaholic.

It all started innocently enough when my friend gave me my first large bag of alpaca fiber she'd found at a yard sale three years ago.

But that was just 'the thin end of the wedge' as they say and now the wedge is permanently, irrevocably inserted in between my eyes and it says 'FIBER' in bold print, because I simply can't say 'no'.

Case in point:
No this is not an enormous hair ball from a previous shower.  This is from a large, very dirty, bag I got from a friend of Suri Alpaca a few days ago that needed to be washed.  Note to self: don't ever dump the entirety of a big bag of fleece in the bath tub. ever. again.  Dumb-ee.

 And as for my addiction, it's so bad, that I don't care if my neighbors walking by, seeing this, (what looks like some slayed animal, lying out on the lawn) think I am very strange.

Because the finished product as seen here.......is totally worth it.

This is one addiction I don't plan on giving up anytime soon.

In the mean time I will paraphrase Tracey Ullman from her book Knit 2 Together:

"I was so excited I wasn't sure whether I should knit it or snort it!"

Amen to that.  Here's to fabulous fiber and never running out of it.

I think I need an intervention.


  1. No help from me, I am an enabler when it comes to anything yarn / fiber. Your fiber is gorgeous! Enjoy. :)

  2. It's okay to be a fiberaholic in my book! :)

  3. I knew my fellow fiber geeks would understand! ;-)

  4. Fellow fiber geek raising hand! :) I laughed a lot when you said "I was so excited I wasn't sure whether I should knit it or snort it!" Amen, girl!!

  5. Now I know who to go to when I do this some day.

  6. Kristina, between us all, you will have an enabler for every day of the week. Let me know when you need a new addiction!