Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's not typically a good idea to mingle in melancholy.  I know this, but I also know that letting yourself do something, as long as you can pull away from it, helps build self-discipline.

So once in a while I let myself fall in to a bit of melancholy.  It's not serious.  It's usually hormonal.  And it's often not a time to have deep conversations because my efforts at communication are hijacked by the inability of my brain to communicate to my mouth exactly what I am trying to say.

In short, it's a good time for silence.  For turning off, tuning out and just waiting until it blows over.  Which it does, eventually.

So I was a bit mired in melancholy this past weekend and my method of turning off was to watch a couple movies.  One of which was absolutely perfect for what I was feeling.

Jane Eyre

Was stunning.  Enthralling, beautiful and passionate and melancholy all in one.

This is the best version I've ever seen at portraying the darkness that was felt in reading the book.  The ending was superb and I could watch it over and over and over except.....

it facilitates the melancholy so I won't.  I will take it back to the video store like a good girl and instead try to actually accomplish something.

But if you are looking for an amazing story, something to capture you and keep you until the very end, then I highly suggest this

Just remember to wake up from the ethereal nature of it when it is all over!


  1. Occasional melancholy makes me appreciate the better times.

  2. Agreed! The photo didn't come through for some reason. It's the 2011 Jane Eyre just out in DVD. I want to watch it again!