Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Breathing is Good

Ugh.  So I'm thinking about joining a gym again.  Not for long, maybe a month or so but lately, my stress levels are off the charts and I'm finally learning that the stress can't stay inside.

Nope, it works its way out.  How?

I have to nibble on something, I fidget a lot, sometimes I just sit down and do an all over body shiver, I gnaw on the inside of my mouth and other times I catch myself holding my breath.  I kid you not.  

Stress is a killer and it's time to take it in hand.

I try very hard to remind myself of what matters.  Usually the things causing me stress don't matter at all.  They are a drop in the bucket.  It's the urgency of those around me who keep trying to make me think they matter.  Does that make sense?

You know them.  They are the control freaks in life.  They rush about from one urgent thing to the next and try to get you to do the same because they have absolutely no control over you and they know it....but there's that illusion.

Ah...to leave this situation and start living in the next one......while it won't be stress free, it will be chosen by me.  Who are we if we aren't comprised somewhat of the decisions we make. 

This week I am deciding to do things differently.  The seasons are changing and so will I.  I've decided to: not absorb others' stress like I'm a sponge, not let my stress translate in to bad eating, bad thinking and holding my breath.

In the end it really is about the decisions I make.  I have no control over the decisions of others.


  1. It's so funny you posted about possibly joining a gym. We are attempting to get back to the gym this week. We've been so busying with garden and yard work that getting up at 4:30am, just didn't sound to good.

  2. Oh it's so hard! Then I found out I have to sign up for a whole year so my new plan is to walk an hour each morning instead. Walking is supposedly better for you anyway.

    Good luck!