Friday, October 14, 2011

Farmday Friday!

I'm back!  And actually, though my husband just left and I won't see him again for another 5 weeks (for our one year wedding anniversary!), I'm doing ok.  Keeping busy helps, eating everything in sight does not.  
I will stop that now.

Ooooo I feel a Farmy Weekend coming on.  It's been a while since I've immersed myself in good 'ol farminess.  

And there are pokeberries to use as dye, I'm having the bakes-ies (must. bake. something!) and I sat down at my spinning wheel last night and spun out some great, brown heathery Shetland yarn.  

I'm getting better and better at spinning.  This stuff is so nice I might consider selling it on our Etsy store: Mayberry Mercantile. I've gotta start stocking those shelves!

But I'm way off track here!  Ever heard of straw weaving?  It's not what it sounds like.  You don't take straws and weave them in to things, hm, though you could for sure, but why?

Anyway, you cut three straws in half and use three of the cut halves.  Cut three pieces of yarn, to the length of what you want to weave (think belt, purse strap or bracelet) then loop the end of the yarn, feed it up through the straws, one piece per straw, poke the loop up with a crochet hook or otherwise, bend the loop over the edge of the straw and tape it down (do this with all three straws), this becomes the 'warp' (the part that you don't see).  Tie all three pieces together with a square knot at the end where they hang down.

Next: grab some yarn for the 'weft' (the woven part that you do see)!  Stripey yarn is great, bulky yarn is great!  Hold the straws together, next to each other and even, then tie the end of your yarn on to the straw all the way to the left (straw #1).  

Now, weave the yarn behind the middle straw (straw #2), in front of the last straw (straw #3, no pun intended!) then loop the yarn all the way around the back of straw #3 and then in front of straw #2 and behind #1 then loop around to the front and then behind #2 again.  Keep going!  

As long as you can see that you went behind one straw on the previous pass, make sure to go in front of it the next time.  

Round 1
Tie on to #1
behind #2
in front of #3 and around the back to
in front of #2
behind #1 around the back to
Round 2
in front of #1
behind #2
And eventually you get this:

Warp dangles out the bottom on the left here, taped loops at the top, see?

As you weave, push the woven yarn down the straws on to the 'warp' (a.k.a. the initial three pieces of  yarn stuffed through the straws) which catches the weave which is why you have to tie the three yarn pieces in a square knot or the weave will just slip right off!

If you need a pocket-sized addiction: this is it.  It is small and friendly to take with and it is FAST!  It's really meant for kids but if I were you, I'd muscle in and have your own way with it.  It's tons of fun.  

I can imagine rolling up the weavings and sewing them in spots to make a super thick rug.  

Now go!  Weave!  Do it with your kids!  Share it with others!

And if you run in to any issues leave me a comment.

Other tips: push the weaving down tight!, when you finish undo the tape and slip the 'warp' out of the straws and tie it off.

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  1. Well now, doesn't that look fun! I think a rug would be cool! :)