Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Good Weekend

My husband is coming to visit this weekend.  Oh happy day!  

So many people ask us “How do you do it?”  Meaning live apart and ya know, I ask myself that same thing sometimes.  More often though people want to know why we do it.

I have a lot of nosy people in my family, some of whom can’t seem to even try to put themselves in another persons’ shoes.  If you are doing something outside their realm of capability, forget it!  They will forever think you weird.

I know I’m weird.  I embrace my weirdness and revel in the fact that I ‘go against the grain’, ‘conform not to this world’ and ‘blaze your own trail.’

So answers to how and why?

Q: How do you do it?
A: We just do, there’s no secret formula, you do what you can and you savor every moment together but you still fight, you still have pissy moments.  Se la vie.

Q: Why aren’t you living together yet?
A: Imagine 10 eggs, in the air, simultaneously and all you’re really waiting for is for one of them to drop so you can make a firm decision either way.  Or have egg all over you, one of the two.

So we wait.  We cultivate patience.  We learn to deal with what’s been handed to us and we wait for signs that we are doing the right thing.

I truly believe everything (of consequence) happens for a reason.  We are stunned at the heartache we’ve been through trying to secure a piece of land (the latest landowner won’t return our phone calls, no matter that we’ve been trying for 3 weeks to get them to sign something they agreed to sign verbally) 
– what is with people!!!

I think most people don’t understand that what seems like an inconsequential activity (selling a piece of land you care nothing for) can be a truly life-changing, epic thing for someone else (we don’t want to move to the same state until we’ve got the land secured so here we sit!)

I have proof of this. One landowner wasn’t calling us back so I called her and explained the situation from a very human perspective on her answering machine.  She called back within the hour and told me….finally the truth…..that she had decided to sell the land to her son......that was very upsetting.

This is what we are dealing with.  Person after person.  Land deal after land deal.  Falling through.  And we wonder… it coincidence?  I don’t believe in them anymore so the only question is, what’s next?


  1. Enjoy your weekend! :) Hope a land deal works out for you, too.

  2. We went through this crap a few years back when we were trying to move to the U.P. of Michigan. NOTHING went right. We tried and tried. Finally, one day, out of frustration, we took a road trip....found the perfect house on the perfect piece of land SOMEWHERE ELSE. And it's been wonderful ever since. Maybe there is a reason this isn't working out for you...........maybe it's not the right time or place or ? Good luck to you. I hope you find that special place.

  3. We had a wonderful weekend....hence the blogosphere silence!

    Thanks Sue, I'm sure we're not the only ones! We'll keep looking. Who knows where we'll end up!