Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fearless Branding

I think I'm going to drive myself mad.

My husband and I have an Etsy store and we've been meaning to post more stuff for sale in it, lots more, but haven't had the time.  Finally, I decided to button down and do it.

Stumbling block: PERFECTIONISM

I have this grand scheme to 'brand' Fearless Farmgirl so I spent many hours yesterday with paint, ink, stamps and paper trying to come up with a tag with that brand on it that was 'just so'.  Criekie.  Talk about a stumbling block.

Ode to Just Doing It Despite the Fact That it Ain't Perfect:

Oh little tag
you are a nag
to pester me oh so much

You want to be pretty
and snappy and whippy
and with that Farmgirl touch

But the thing about me
is I'm busy as can be
and I'm afraid you will just have to wait

'Cause perfection is a myth
but 'getting it done' is a gift
and learning this lesson is never too late!

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