Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Great Lie

How can women not give their power away when the power they envied belonged to men?  Once they got it, the workplace, the breadwinner, the there room for two male entities inside a relationship?  So we give our power to men.  But it was never ours to begin with.  We may pretend it was, but in the end, we neglect our true feminism.  Our true womanliness.  

Maybe not at first but eventually feminism served to downgrade it, to make it unacceptable to us.  I feel much of my life has been straining towards getting it back.  Taking it out of the hands of those who state that I can't want these things: motherhood, womanhood, wife-hood, craft-hood, creative force - it is our essence and we deny it by trying to steal a force from men which, had we thought, even for a second, would mean we couldn't be these things; mother, woman, wife and crafter without; we would have thrown water on the idea.  Doused the flames.  The great conflagration that was, and still is Feminism.

Question everything.