Friday, March 23, 2012

Farmday Friday Fiasco...

Well I've gone and done it. 

I've gone and messed up a knitting project soooo badly there's nothing for it but to rip the entire thing out.


So see this?:

This is a lace stocking from a lovely fiber called Suri Alpaca and it's the second of two I made and I knit it with at least one needle size SMALLER than the first one.

So the thing to learn this Farmday Friday is really; check the first sock before you move on to the next and for heaven's sake TAKE NOTES!



  1. Well I think its lovely, no matter what! :) So glad to see you posting again...

    1. I still don't know why the posting thing comes in waves but; there it is.

  2. Love that yarn! I HATE having to rip out and start over but it does happen. :(

    1. I know and I'm so bad about doing it, I'll just keep going rather than rip out but in this case, it's totally unavoidable. Sure did learn something though!